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With a pool of college essay editors and a mission to make students outshine in their academic career, we are here to share your academic burden.

Writing an essay is one thing and editing it is another. To put it this way, both the tasks are equally important to be on the top of the scoreboard. It shouldn’t come to you as a shock that editing an essay is an equally energy drenching task. You should be perfect at it, unlike writing an essay with many errors. From errors to plagiarism to writing style to wrong choice of words, everything must be checked and edited to make it scoring and the best.

We are a group of teams with the best academic knowledge to help you in every possible way. Trust our essay editing services once, and there would be no looking back!

What Do We Provide?

WAre you wondering which platform would provide it all under one roof? We are your one-stop-destination. We cover each and every subject of every academic stage. Need academic help? Get in touch with us without a second though!

Here’s How We Assure Excellent Grades Through Our Essay Editing Services?

If you are skeptical about our services and still confused if we are your perfect choice or not, read through to get a clear idea as to how we perform our editing services to ensure maximum marks:

  • A Perfect Grammarly ScoreAn essay with the best of the information but too many grammatical errors would never be able to make it to the top. It’s also a fact that no matter how hard a student tries, there still are many grammatical errors in their essay that could lead to heavy marks deduction unless and until they are checked with proper and reliable tools to detect and correct all those errors. Our team does exactly that! When they get an essay for editing, their first task is checking and correcting all the grammatical issues multiple times manually and with tools.
  • Subject Verb AgreementWriting essays for advanced academic level gets checked on multiple factors. It’s not that the information should be perfect, but the writing style should also be up-to-the-mark. Therefore, checking subject-verb agreement remains on the top checklist of editing by our expert editors.
  • Use of Words and AdjectivesThe choice of words and adjectives that you make to add in your essays could be a real game changer. If they are good, you are safe. If they aren’t, you can end up scoring poorly. When our experts get your essay to edit, they make sure to check all the adjectives and words to omit the unnecessary ones. They also add some good words if there’s a need!
  • Plagiarism CheckIt’s one of the most important steps that is taken care of by our editors. Copied content is not acceptable, and is against university essay writing rules. Therefore, we use the most reliable plagiarism detector tools to find and correct or attach references with the copied portions for you.
  • Final Manual EditingBefore handing over the edited article to you, it also gets checked finally for making it completely error-free. If there’s any minor typo, unrequired lengthy sentences, and other trivial errors, they get edited in this final step.
  • Editing Paraphrased ContentThis step is performed to make sure that there’s no accidental paraphrasing in the essay. Our editors have a checklist of editing that they make sure gets fulfilled.
  • Generic Sentences ModificationWhen you type edit my essay at Assignment Mafia, you are in absolute luck because the list of our essay editing services is big, covering each and everything. Our professionals are well-versed with reading your essay from scratch and modifying generic sentences as per the need.
To Conclude:
You would agree that essay editing is an important part of essay writing, right? So, what are you waiting for? Get your essay polished word-to-word by some of the best academic experts. They make sure that the masterpiece that you have drafted is free of all the errors and plagiarism to leave no scope for marks deduction. Your success is our dream achieved!

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